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Status: In development

There should be a way to allow extensions to execute only on specific websites like the Site access option in Edge does, this improves extensions usability and may also enhance privacy.


Making moves

Are we site-specific-permissions yet?

New member

Just some encouragement to get this done 👍. Security issues via browser extensions are gaining awareness. We can't fall behind here.

New member

Reminder that this old security enhancer is 2 years old.

Some extensions are at risk to be hijacked with malicios updates.

We need to block extensions access to sites containing sensible data.

On click access or manual whitelist/blocklist is a must.

New member

I also want this! I am surprised firefox is one of the last browsers to get this, I'm very wary of extensions like darkreader that have access to the full content of the sites you are on, in chrome at least I have it as an opt-in and I can exclude sites.

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I also want this, hope its implemented soon.

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Needs to be implemented

Strollin' around

I am considering dropping Firefox because of this. The amount of trust I have to have for every extension is just to high!

Strollin' around

This should be implemented in a flexible way so uses may specify either a whitelist (extension works on only these sites) or a blacklist (extension works on all sites except ... ).

It's puzzling that this hasn't already been implemented, since it's a simple way to dramatically reduce the potential harm malicious extensions can cause. I have nearly a hundred extensions active (and, yes... they are all necessary for various use cases) but the majority of them aren't needed on all sites. Another big benefit is greatly reducing the overall count of extension / site accesses. Consider a metric which counts the number of times any extension accesses any site. Currently that metric is basically (number of extensions installed) * (number of sites accessed). Reducing this metric would not only improve security, it would reduce the number of issues encountered caused by extension compatibility and it would also increase overall browser performance, simply by having fewer extensions accessing fewer sites.

New member

This was the most important feature which prevent me using Firefox as a default browser. Please consider getting this implemented, thanks.

New member
I am really looking forward to this feature, where some extensions are rarely used but require high permissions.
New member

Same here. This is a must have feature.

Strollin' around

This really needs to be a thing, some extension developers ask for too many permissions.  This would be a good privacy design.

New member

The fact that site-specific add-on permissions still haven't been implemented after two years is rather baffling, all things considered. Even a simple site access blacklist/whitelist for add-ons would be amazing.

New member

This is a must-have feature. I don't know how Mozilla and their so-called focus on security hasn't implemented it yet.

New member

I really don't want to use chromium-bases browsers, why oh WHY can this STILL not be done in Firefox....