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I have had problems with the latest version of Safari on my Mac and am looking for another browser. Firefox seems like the best choice so far but it has one feature I cannot get used to and may ultimately prevent me from using it. That feature is the position of the tabs at the top, above the website address. Please give us the option of putting the tabs where they belong, BELOW the URL address bar and directly above the webpages.

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It seems that Firefox can do anything except fix the position of the tabs!!!  UserChrome has stopped working with many of the "recent" updates.


Come on guys!!!! Take care of this!!!!!!!


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As Roberto says "Please give us the option of putting the tabs where they belong, BELOW the URL address bar and directly above the webpages."

Indeed, I can do all I need with userChrome.css (just some style changes to suit my taste) EXCEPT put the tab bar where it belongs. I use Waterfox for that reason alone, but would switch to FF if the tab bar could be moved.

Title bar > Menu > Nav bar > Bookmarks > Tabs > Content > Status bar (from top to bottom)

Please, please, please!


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Why can't you make the tabs below the search/address bar?
I keep clicking because of your inability.

So get that running in the new update.

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Wann endlich können auf einfache Weise die Tabs unter die Befehlszeile gesetzt werden???

When will it be possible to easily set tabs under the command line???




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Please make an option in settings to put tabs below the address bar

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Please let the users decide if they want the tabs above or below the address bar.
Especially in MacOS it just looks so much better to have them underneath.

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Will there ever be a fix to allow Users to place Tabs Below Bookmarks Tool Bar ?

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da kommt nix - das geht MOZILLA am Arsch vorbei 🤑

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This is a big issue for me with Firefox.  Perhaps a deal breaker; I'm considering alternatives now.

Who likes tabs way up top?  It's annoying to use.  Is there a purpose to agitating users?  At least give an option to move the tabs back where they are easily reached.

I'll wait to see the next update.  If this is not fixed by then, I will abandon Firefox for something else.

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You can work it out somehow with userChrome but that's a lot of options for something that was already there. Then you need to config it's width because it takes huge part of the screen.


There was option in about:config for tabs below address bar. It was removed.A lot of useless stuff is added but options are removed.

I know that the tabs on top is currently trendy, but that's all. Why you try to force it on everyone.