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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

Instead of opening links with the default profile, FF should open it with the currently used profile (in case any FF instance is running). Otherwise, it should open it with the default profile.

On Windows. FF is default browser. There are two profiles:
1) "work" which is default and
2) "personal"

Open any hyperlink (from an email, a document or elsewhere). independant whether no FF instance is running or an FF instance of the "personal" profile is running, the result will be: a new FF instance of the "work" profile will start and open the link.
=> This seems not to be the correct or expected behaviour.

Status changed to: New idea
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Strollin' around

Previously requested here:

Strollin' around

@fsparvit says "This site has been disabled" when trying to load the link.

New member

I also use multiple profiles. The biggest annoyance is for opening links from other applications, especially for those opening the browser for authentication. Sometimes it works to copy paste the link but other times there is no user interaction if already logged in so I end up logged into the wrong account.

I think the ideal for me would be just to ask which profile to use when opening links. I've found that you can force firefox to ask you which profile you want to open a url in using `firefox -P -url <url-here>` but I can't work out how to set that command as the "default browser" for opening http/https links in Windows 10.

If I work it out I'll post back.