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Status: New idea

Y ' all need to create a command on the tabs called: LOCK.

Below I want to show you how a new command should work that I'm suggesting will be very useful.

------"LOCK COMMAND" or only "LOCK"-------

Imagine you just opened firefox Nightly and used the "lock" command on SEVEN tabs that were open.
From that moment on, the tab will be tiny and with a "lock symbol."

Imagine that you don't want to lose those tabs, but at the same time you need the window to be without any tabs. (These are two contradictory ideas.)

You then open a new window and it will open without tabs and then you close the first window that had the tabs locked so as not to consume RAM MEMORY.

After you have done all your tasks in the new window, you finally close firefox completely.

Next time when you open firefox the windows that were locked with the lock function will be there again.


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