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Making moves
Status: New idea

On android each time I click on a link from bookmark it is opened in a new tab.

After I have done reading the tab I push the back button, and I'm moved to the home page, but the tab I have just read isn't closed! After a while I have lots of old tabs that I don't need anymore, and I have to close them. It's so annoying!

Previous version of Firefox (fennec) used to close the tab after I pushed the back button. Please restore the old functionality.




Status changed to: New idea
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Strollin' around

An idea could be to long press (hold) the back button to close tab. Then you won't close the tab accidentally.

Making moves

@KMFi  I like your idea of long press



New member

Well, isn't this annoying?

If this is how Mozilla is going to wear it's Open Source cape, I don't see how it's going to come out of the downward spiral it's already in.

Gathering traction for an idea before considering it is one thing. OP is barely an idea. Stripping out a feature and playing hide-n-seek with the community, making the userbase (or whatever is left of it) go desperate for basic features is the secret recipe for a product implosion.

@SbernecchiaAny idea of the version number which still had this feature?

New member

yes please. back goes away from the page, but it stays open. it should either stay on the open page (and require long press) or (better) close the page when leaving. it could be an option in settings.

New member

I see that there are several requests on this topic, but they are not taken into account.
The world complains about Microsoft that it is not responsive to what the users ask for, but look at how Mozilla ignores it.

New member

Inconceivable that this isn't even an option. I feel it should be default (like every other Android browser I've used since 2009), but at the very least it should be in the settings. I desperately want to abandon Chrome on Android for a variety of reasons but having to take a few extra steps to ensure I don't have many tabs open is a deal breaker for me, it must be for others.

New member

All the tabs mounting up every day...
When I go back please close the tab. PLEASE