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Status: New idea

In ThunderBird 115, as in ThunderBird 112, I have emails from eight accounts sorted and redistributed into five inboxes.
When I receive messages with the "Get Messages" button, an account type is (presumably) never read (always the same provider).
I have to go to the sub-choices menu at the top left and select only one account at a time.
The problem that we thought solved in Firefox 115, is still there !!!
Could "Get Messages" button be changed to have sub-choices, or could we have a new "Get Messages" button with sub choice ???

Status changed to: New idea
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Do not like this change on which messages I want to download! I use to be able to Highlight ONLY.... those messages I wanted to download. Then click download messages, and only those highlighted would download. Now, I can't do that. When I click get messages, they all download! Mine, my Daughter's, and my spouse's! I do not like this! Before I would high light my two folders, just those two, then click get messages,  and only those two that were highlighted, would download. How do I do that now?