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I was very surprised that Thunderbird does not offer an option to show the e-mail-adress of the sender in a column in the table (like the columns "From" and "Correspondents"). This new column would be very useful to quickly identify spam/junk e-mails.

This feature can be added with add-ons:

This feature seems very basic and simple and like it should not require an add-on.

If you do a Google search for this feature, then you find many people, who have asked for this feature for many years.

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I agree with all writers above: Please bring back full email adress to Thunderbird!

Alternatively give the add-ons a chance to come back, please

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I was in the process of moving from Mailbird, as I don't want to pay for the latest version 3.0, but without being able to easily see the sender's address, it looks like I'll have to dig into my pockets and see what change falls out.

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Many reasons, which I side with, were listed on this thread already, so I don't see a reason to keep repeating the same arguments.

However, I decided to post on this thread to indicate that there's yet another user who would like to continue using Thunderbird, post v102.15.1, with the option to have a separate column that shows a sender's e-mail address.

The data is there. Is this new v115 really that difficult to develop for, that such available data couldn't be put into a column of its own?!


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I am really disappointed that such an important (and relatively simple, I suppose) thing still is a "new idea" after more than 3 months now! I just can't believe this. Please, TB developers, give us the sender's and recipient's email address columns!

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Currently in Email- or From-Lists there are Display names shown only. Often Spam and Malicious Mails contain Display Names like Banks or other existing companies. (see Screenshot.)
If the real email address would been visible in the list, I could immediately realize, that the mail is spam without opening the mail.
Therefore an option "Show Email Address in List" would be very helpful.
The names in the From List could be shown like (Display Name) 

If you implement this, Thunderbird will be perfect. And I will give a donation.

Strollin' around

Yes, this is very important quickly identifying spams and malicious mails.

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Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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Today I have an email from Ken. "Ken A Gift For You" box with bow icon. I can't dare open it because I can't see the email address. I can't right click and look for the full header. I'm stuck guessing what to do. I hate to spam legitimate emails but now I have no way to tell. FIX THIS NOW. 

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There is a funny point.
The great Android app K-9 Mail, which is said to become Thunderbird for Android, does have the most-awaited feature!
K9-Mail settings include ‘Display correspondents' name’ which can be set off.
So, displaying addresses instead of names could become available on Android Thunderbird, but still remain unavailable on desktop versions.

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Very interesting. In the "website" development world, a number of years ago, we started seeing "mobile first" developers begin to swerve away from building the full website first. It was complex to develop CSS on screen sizes for mobile and desktop at the same time, as desktop browsers weren't all the same, esp MS. It was torture trying to make sure that the mobile version would display well enough on all versions of browsers on desktops.