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I was very surprised that Thunderbird does not offer an option to show the e-mail-adress of the sender in a column in the table (like the columns "From" and "Correspondents"). This new column would be very useful to quickly identify spam/junk e-mails.

This feature can be added with add-ons:

This feature seems very basic and simple and like it should not require an add-on.

If you do a Google search for this feature, then you find many people, who have asked for this feature for many years.

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It is URGENT, to restore/create this feature! You have dozens of niche columns, but this vital one is missing. This is critical for everybody who uses Thunderbird even casually and with the "full adress column" addon not working it is a deal breaker for Thunderbird use. Please, please fix this ASAP.

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Thunderbird is security threat without Full Address Column add on.  It must be default feature that the real sender address is shown before opening the email.

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Same here. An e-mail client not being able to display a sender's e-mail address is pretty useless to me. I switched back to a previous version of TB until this feature is back again, one way or another (was using full address column extension until now).

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It's not necessary to explain again why this idea is actually about a CRITICAL functionality. I could live with using an add-on to accomplish this, but I can imagine that it's even easier to implement it in Thunderbird itself.

PLEASE pay attention to this idea!

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(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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Thunderbird just updated to 115.3.2 and I was disappointed to see the "@sender" column option was gone!  Please bring back as it is just too useful!


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I am one of the many who have asked for an email address column years ago. I have opened scam and malware emails. Then, I have deleted important business emails, because the sender's name sounded made up. With Thunderbird version 115, the plugins do not work any more, and I had a hard time downgrading without losing the information in my profile. You fix so many security holes, so, please, finally fix this one, too. Give us a column with the sender's email address.

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This is a basic thing that is a must have! Seeing strange names instead of addresses is terrible!

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This is a security flaw to not make the actual sending email address available. I used an add-in to show this in prior versions of TB, but today's upgrade was unexpected and suddenly this key feature is missing. Please restore it so that this bug goes away.

  • Display email of sender
  • Display email of recipient 

NOTE: I use Google Mail on my phone and the email address is not displayed, nor is there any way to see it other than to open the message.


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I agree with all the people who gave Kudos and mentioned how crucial such a feature is nowadays.
With all this spoofing and other threads around on the internet this should be a standard setting in Thunderbird to make it a safe mail client. That many webmail and mail clients don't have such a setting available should make it more crucial for the Thunderbird devs to make a better and secure mail client than others like the idea was in the earlier days of Thunderbird.

After testing the quite good solution which Betterbird provides inbuilt i am quite sure that this could be accomplished quite easily with an upcoming release.

So please stop waiting for upvoting and more kudos and make it a priority. Thanks in advance!!!

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For those who, like me, clumsily overlooked the solution for this in Betterbird: see Settings->General→Button 'Config Editor' at the bottom and set 'mail.addressDisplayAuthor' to 2 (the same for 'mail.addressDisplayRecipients' if you like).

@bimbabuYou're right: If the Betterbird developers can accomplish this, it shouldn't be too much work to implement this in Thunderbird too, i guess...


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I suggest adding an option, to choose what to show in the FROM field. For example:

What to show in the FROM field:
    If the sender is in your contacts
        (*) show the name, reading from contact
        ( ) show the name, sent by the sender
        ( ) show the email address
    If the sender is not in your contacts
        ( ) show the name, sent by the sender
        (*) show the email address

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Just upgraded from 112 to 115.3.2 on a test machine.  I won't upgrade other TB clients until the features provided by the Full Address Column addon are implemented in 115.  I need this to resist malware due to "Sender" spoofing.

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!!! ME TOO !!!