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Making moves
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Especially (2)! It’s called a “Bar”. Why? When I need to acquire a site I may select the bookmarks icon and get a list dropdown. If, say, Toolbar sites are being fiddled, I must go three steps of selecting Bookmarks, then an arrow, then acquiring THAT dropdown. And vice versa. Tedious. Were the bar visible across the top (under URL/search as in Safari) then I could acquire other bookmarks by, simply, ONE dropdown all the time. Efficient! Bookmarks are, and should be, an efficiency tool. I have 20, frequently used. I *could* tolerate the ones in the bar as Shortcuts but that leads back to (1) in my topic!

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FYI: you can open the Sidebar to get a more permanent view of your bookmarks.


When you save a new bookmark, Firefox adds it to the last folder. If that is the Bookmarks Toolbar, and you don't display that bar, you can edit the bookmark to put it in the different folder. Either click the gray star in the address bar or press Ctrl+D (on Mac, Command+D).


Making moves

Yes, I am aware of the way adding works and the way placement works (last added-to, and on, and on). That of which I speak is place names. Naming is the origin of all specific things.