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New member
Status: New idea

Quite often I (presumably many users too) open very many tabs when doing research, I hope that there is a navigation mechanism of somehow, for user to go back to the tabs that pertain to a particular topic or keywords.

opened tabs.png

Perhaps a search box can be added to the pull-down, and one can type in a keyword to locate the page (tab) that contains the keyword. It will be a huge time saver.

opened tabs 2.png


Strollin' around

You can already search open tabs in the url bar by putting '%' before or after your search terms. Also, the first menu item in the tabs dropdown (the little down arrow on the far right end of the tab bar) is 'Search Tabs', which focuses the url bar and starts a tab search for you.


Firefox can search for an open tab by matching text the page title or the URL, but it doesn't search every word in every page.

I found an add-on that can do that, but have not tested it myself. Not sure how fast it can be if you have a lot of pages to index?