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From the previous post on Crowdicity:

I would like to see vertical tabs baked in. MS Edge now has it out of the box!

I currently use addons for this - but there's no way to disable the top tab bar, which duplicates the tabs and takes up space.

Vertical tabs (with top bar disabled) would free up more space for web content, which is (usually) vertical. Most screens are widescreen (RIP ThinkPad 4:3 ratios), so the less browser UI at the top/bottom, the more content we can view.


The original post received 154 votes and as such was the 3rd highest voted post in the "General" category.

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I also want native tabs. I would also like to have nested tabs like with sideberry. Important features also include pinned tabs optionally with no label, tab groups that can be switched between, and highly customizeable keybinds and visual functions. (Also for those saying it's impossible to disable the top bar, it is, but suggesting about:config changes or editing userchrome.css is usually discouraged here) Example:



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No! Native tabs means they will probably not empower extensions customization!

Firefox USED to be the most customizable browser and now they force UI experiments onto users that are sideways at best.  It's more likely they kill the sidebar in pursuit of catching up with a clone of what MS Edge is doing instead of allowing for community solutions to evolve best of class solutions for multiple user groups's preferences.

MOST popular extensions should become default installs for new users and Mozilla experiments should be extensions instead of forced upon users with a temporary config disable.

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Vertical tabs are available in the latest Firefox Nightly Larch version:

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Can someone please share the link to the full folder? only sharing for windows doesn't help others on other OSes

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I wish there were official flatpaks for nightly + developer edition so that I could actually get to use this! I will cry tears of joy if it makes it to stable (and tears of despair if it is abandoned)

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Add vertical Tabs please