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Strollin' around
Status: In development

I'm personally a heavy tab user but have always wondered why there is almost no support for tab grouping or customization in the native tab bar in Firefox.

I think making it able to group like Google Chrome does for example or at least giving more access for extensions and add-ons would significantly improve the UI in that regard.

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Sadly even floorp doesn't have a way to modify the horizontal tab bar.

I'm looking to get back the old opera(when they used their own engine, before chromium) style of grouping(similar to what chrome has but not quite) and I've been told it's impossible for them to do.

This was possible with the old addon engine but the new one is so restrictive that's it's very sad to use firefox now. I'd really like to come back to it but without horizontal grouping, I haven't found a way to make it happen.

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Idea Submission: Tab Grouping and Pinning Feature for Enhanced Navigation

I am an avid user of Mozilla Firefox and greatly appreciate the continuous efforts you put into making the browser more efficient and user-friendly. Today, I would like to propose an idea that could significantly enhance the browsing experience for users like myself who often work with multiple tabs simultaneously.

Idea Overview:
The core of my suggestion revolves around the introduction of a "Tab Grouping and Pinning" feature within Firefox. This feature would allow users to group related tabs together and then pin these groups to the browser's toolbar or a designated area for easy access. This innovation aims to streamline workflows and improve organizational efficiency within the browser.

Key Features:

Tab Grouping: Users can create custom groups for their tabs, categorizing them based on project, topic, or any other personal or professional need. This could be implemented through a simple drag-and-drop interface or through right-click context menus.

Group Pinning: Once a group is formed, users should have the option to pin this group. Pinned groups could be displayed as icons or small labels in a designated area of the browser's interface, possibly next to individual pinned tabs or in a separate toolbar area.

Easy Access & Navigation: Clicking on a pinned group icon could expand the group in a dropdown menu or temporarily in the tab bar for quick navigation between the grouped tabs. This would allow users to switch contexts or projects effortlessly without losing focus or cluttering their tab bar.

Customization Options: Users could customize the name of each group, assign colors or icons for easy recognition, and manage the contents (add, remove, or reorder tabs) within each group.


Enhanced Productivity: By reducing the clutter and improving the organization of tabs, users can navigate their projects and interests more efficiently.
Improved Focus: This feature would help users maintain focus by segregating different tasks or research topics into manageable groups.
Flexibility: Whether for work, study, or leisure, users gain the ability to customize their browsing experience to suit their needs and preferences.
I believe this feature would be a significant addition to Firefox, appealing to a wide range of users by offering them a more tailored and organized browsing experience. I am keen to hear your thoughts on this suggestion and would be delighted to provide further details or clarification as needed.

Thank you for considering my proposal. I look forward to the possibility of seeing this idea come to life in future versions of Firefox.


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I gotta say the lack of tab groups is killing me right now.... I've ended up moving a bunch  of important tabs to Chrome instead ... which is ugly and not what I wanted to do....

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I just returned to Firefox - how is tab groups not a thing?! I was recreating my tabs and reached my first tab-group and was super surprised that Firefox doesn't have tab groups?!

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I very much miss the old Panorama (aza's creation, IIRC). In recent years I've used the Simple Tabs plugin but know that, with better platform support, that could be quite a bit better. I keep the faith -- which isn't easy after well over a decade. 😉

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Dear developers!

As a long-term Firefox user I recognised chromes tab groups very late (a few weeks ago).

But after testing various tab group addons, I found it the best solution, as being simple, easy and intuitive to use.

IMHO this cannot be ignored. Therefor I vote for the integration of such a solution into Firefox.

Cheers, SE

Strollin' around

Guys, it's official: I'm switching to Microsoft Edge for now. I've already migrated the favorites (this is a big step :)). Firefox is good, but Mozilla's Dev Team doesn't seem to care about important demands on us right now (we are waiting for 2 years!). I've already tested the new version of Microsoft Edge and it's very good. See you later, when the tab groups are ready. Good bye, colleagues.

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For me, the most useful implementation of tab groups is Safari's as it provides clear separation and cleans up the tabs/UI.

Making moves

An update from Mozilla's new CEO herself:

There is hope this feature gets (more) priority.

Making moves

Great update, thanks for posting this