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Status: In development

I'm personally a heavy tab user but have always wondered why there is almost no support for tab grouping or customization in the native tab bar in Firefox.

I think making it able to group like Google Chrome does for example or at least giving more access for extensions and add-ons would significantly improve the UI in that regard.

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This missing feature has finally made me move to chrome, I prefer firefox in everyway and have no desire to jump into googles ecosystembut the lack of support for tab management and the quality of the available extensions means if I want to work productivly then at the moment I have no choice

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I moved to Firefox from Chrome, and this is the only feature that I really miss. The extensions available at the moment just don't match the feel of native tab grouping. I would really love for this feature to get added.

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The lack of this option is just killing my productivity and I find my self using two browsers, a Chromium-based one and Firefox, but I guess I'll have to stop using Firefox even if I like it because of this option missing, which is a dealbreaker

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@Terax, Floorp does support Tab Group, and for people who want both Tab Group, use Floorp, this is full guide:

Yeah, no... I'll stick to ungoogled chromium. If I wanted "workspaces" I could just use Firefox profiles. And if I wanted what Floorp does I'd open a new window.

Strollin' around

Any info if the Firefox planning team have been eyeing the native tab grouping feature in Chromium/Chrome/Edge?

Firefox dearly needs this! 🙂 Please, it would be awesome.

Thanks for a great product! ❤

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After a long search for the best browser, I switched from Chrome to Firefox because it's definitely better.
However, tabs grouping is insanely useful on Chrome. It's a must-have, and I can't wait to see a native implementation of this feature in Firefox.

Thanks to the team for developing such a good product ! Keep the good work !

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I wrote a comment on this post almost a year ago on why tab groups are essential to my workflow, but basically no reaction from Mozilla in that time. 😞

Now recently Chrome has added the ability to sync tab groups across desktop devices, which is the dream feature I had always hoped for. They even have the option to hide those tab groups to the beginning of the bookmark bar, which is great for keeping your tab bar clean, if you know you won't be working on something for a while.

I really don't want to switch to Chrome for privacy reasons, but I just can NOT justify staying on Firefox anymore now. Firefox is actively hindering my ability to be productive in my browser, and using Chrome's synced tab groups is just so easy, intuitive and "just works"TM, I won't switch to any other browser again unless it can get even close to offering that same functionality.

Goodbye Firefox. You're losing users because of the complete lack of this feature, and the popularity of this post proves I'm by no means the only one.

Edit: I realized that the "Save group" feature isn't just a Chrome feature, but actually a Chromium Feature, which means I can just switch to Brave instead. No need for Chrome after all. 🙂


Making moves

Due to the lack of communication from Mozilla and their interest in pushing AI to Firefox, I've decided to move back to Vivaldi for the time being. It has a lot of options for tab management, I can use it on my Android, Windows, and Linux machines, and they're not currently pushing for AI inclusion. I'll keep paying attention to new Firefox releases, but I don't have high expectations that things will move on this any time soon.

Making moves

I prefer Simple Tab Groups extension to all native Chromium options, but having this kind of thing built in Firefox would help with again associating Firefox as the king of customization. Currently this title belongs to Vivaldi.

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I started using Floorp Browser, a firefox fork by ablaze, it have all features i was looking for when i reached this thread. I would strongly recommend giving it a try.