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Strollin' around
Status: In development

I'm personally a heavy tab user but have always wondered why there is almost no support for tab grouping or customization in the native tab bar in Firefox.

I think making it able to group like Google Chrome does for example or at least giving more access for extensions and add-ons would significantly improve the UI in that regard.

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We need native solution for this  🙄

'm using 'Simple tab group' extension, but it doesn't look good, interface is clunky and it lose grouping after crashes.

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@JonWhen can we get an update from the development team on this top idea?
I've been following this thread for ages, but nothing happens.

Firefox is already the best browser IMO, but desperately needs this feature to attract new users and retain existing ones.

Even if it's not going to happen (no resources, too complex or for whatever other reason), please let the community know! A clear "no" is better than a silent "no". Thanks in advance 🙏

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Missing tab groups is what stops me from switching back to Firefox from Chromium.

Strollin' around

@easy-dolphin, you can enable the backup feature of simple tab groups. It will save a backup JSON every day, and you can restore it when necessary.

Strollin' around

@JonAny update on tab grouping this has been shown as exploring more for quite some time now,

Strollin' around

Just moved from Chrome to Firefox on my desktop to show my support for Mozilla and the open-source community. This is an essential feature in a modern browser!

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Does anybody know of a fork of Firefox that implements tab-groups like every other browser does? I've tried literally every extension in the Mozilla store and they all just use the sidebar and containers are not a good substitute.

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This would be a massive QOL improvement. +1


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Disappointment:  the feeling you get when you launch Firefox, see that it's been updated, eagerly check the update log, and see that tab grouping is not even mentioned.

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сделайте возможность группировки вкладок

контекстное меню вкладок группировать и сортировать их в группах:

  • по списку сайтов в одну группу (пользовательские списки: магазины, работа, музыка ...)
  • по сайтам (a..z, z..a)
  • по дате открытия (,
  • по дате последнего обращения к вкладке (,
  • по сайту перехода на ссылку (сайт родитель >> сайт наследник первого порядка >> сайт наследник второго порядка и тд. объединяются под группой сайт родитель)

сохранить вкладки из группы в закладки (папка "название группы, дата")

добавьте переносное(с приклеиванием к краю экрана(слева, справа), с возможностью скрытия и закрепления) дерево(чтоб сворачивать и разворачивать группу вкладок, а также останавливать работу вкладок в группе - переводить их в режим закладок(чтоб выгрузить из памяти)) вкладок и закладок с такими же сортировками

make it possible to group tabs context menu of tabs group and sort them in groups: by list of sites into one group (custom lists: shops, work, music...) by sites (a..z, z..a) by opening date (, by date of last access to the tab (, by site of transition to the link (parent site >> first-order heir site >> second-order heir site, etc. are combined under the parent site group) save tabs from the group to bookmarks (folder "group name, date") add a portable (with gluing to the edge of the screen (left, right), with the ability to hide and pin) tree (to collapse and expand a group of tabs, as well as stop the work of tabs in a group - put them into bookmark mode (to unload from memory)) tabs and bookmarks with the same sortings

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I don't want to use chrome, but this is the only thing holding me back. Why isn't this added yet?

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This is the most liked, most commented and 2nd most viewed post on Mozilla Connect. If they aren't doing it still then they just don't want to listen to us 😞
I would love to have this so much, it makes me want to move to other browsers

Making moves

Come on @Jon , please don't make us beg. Any updates you can share?

New member

How's this feature coming along, anyone?

I tried to implement it using UserChrome.css, but a lot of the styles won't override the

Making moves

Maybe we get a update on the two year anniversay (since this idea was suggested) that is coming up in a few days. 🤔