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Status: In development

I'm personally a heavy tab user but have always wondered why there is almost no support for tab grouping or customization in the native tab bar in Firefox.

I think making it able to group like Google Chrome does for example or at least giving more access for extensions and add-ons would significantly improve the UI in that regard.

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Hi @Jon

since I cant reply your weekly recap I think this is the best place to do it!

It applies to a few other bugs, but ill use this one because it has the most votes!

I think I speak for a lot of people, but ill keep it as its my opinion!

Its amazing your efforts and the creation of this platform! I thank you for it!

But its equally puzzling how, knowing what users choose as most important features, Mozilla let the time passes by and nothing happens!

Take this bug, for example! I understand its not an easy one to implement (or is it, since you already once had panorama in Firefox?) but two years after and there is no changes!

Yeah, users not always know what they want... but this seems pretty obvious.

the same applies for the other top voted features!

Some updates, maybe! Even something like: "we choose not to do this" and we'll move on.

Its frustrating not having updates...

Strollin' around


Strollin' around


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I definitely support this idea. I'm in the middle of trying to make the jump to Firefox right now, but I'm missing chromes tab groups very sorely, 😞
hopefully they can implement something similar soon!

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I have been a Firefox user from its early days. I sync various stuff between Firefox copies among all my computers, so I am quite dependent on Firefox ecosystem. However, I am considering a big decision to move to another browser, possibly Edge. The main reason is many tabs I am using and keep permanently opened but my space is cluttered due to the lack of tab grouping.

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i think with tab grouping will be great with like tab auto discard to manage resourcefully and sustaining all tabs

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@meia Floorp and Midori are both forks that I believe allow for tab grouping.

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@fraggedy_andyOmg thank you so much, Floorp is basically all I wanted and more. It's amazing how such a tiny team is improving quality of life so much. Mozilla could learn from them

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@musimu Happy to help!

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Hopping onto the train so Firefox hopefully makes this a native thing.

I personally prefer Google Chrome's way of tab-grouping.

Why its important? I need to have quick access to my tabs on my workstation devices without having to dig through my bookmarks, tab groups would be as such:

  • one group for multiple Email accounts
  • one group for Research/Development
  • one group for background playing, like YT music


If a group is "minimized" and no audio/video feed detected it should put all those tabs to sleep. Maybe even add a toggle if I want to keep a group "awake", so I could receive email notifications when a group is minimized.

Visually, colours and naming of groups is a must, the simpler the better.


Hopefully 2024 is the time for this to come into play.

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Some time ago Firefox was an innovator, now falling behind in such important features. Pretty much any other browser supports it. And in this modern age, when computers have plenty of RAM, and remote work requires a lot of tabs open, this feature IS A MUST, I cannot fathom what was the thought pattern at MOZILLA for ignoring such a crucial feature for 2 years, how much longer do you need to keep it in review? People are dying to get this.

I like MOZILLA philosophy, but unfortunately, for now I am on Brave browser, because it has the features I need(PWAs, TAB groups). How are you expecting to retain user share when modern functionality is not there? It's not like other browser are pay to use. I downloaded Brave for free, and it offers me those features, why should I choose Firefox? for privacy? Brave is pretty private. 

Strollin' around

Waiting for more than 2 years... 😞 I feel our suggestions are not heard 😞 It's like we are asking for an absurd unnecessary 😞

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waiting for this please

Strollin' around


Floorp and Midori are both forks that I believe allow for tab grouping.

For anyone diving into this, Midori is made by a company (Astian) that likes to rebrand other open source software as their own. It's basically Floorp.

Hilariously Floorp does not support importing from Firefox when setting it up. It does however support normal Firefox sync, so... there's a workaround. Or you could import from Firefox into Chrome... and then from Chrome into Floorp. xD

Sadly, as far as I can tell neither of them support tab groups.


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Hey, sorry for the tag @Jon , but I would love an update if one is available? It's been over 2 years since the original idea, and this is the most kudos-ed post on Mozilla connect, but there's been very little news of if it's being worked on or not.

Like many others here, I moved onto Firefox from Chrome, loving all the features, until I discovered tab grouping had no equivalent that I could use. I can't even get it (or any nice easy-to-use version) as an add-on. While I'd love to use Firefox, trying to navigate and sort ~40 tabs is just so easy and intuitive to use in Chrome, and helps with productivity so much.

If you're still looking for more feedback and ideas, I have plenty too. It's super helpful to have the groups colour coded so I can just minimise them down to coloured blocks, and quickly show or hide groups depending on what I need. You can open folders of bookmarks as groups, or save groups as a bookmarked group. Personally, I prefer Chrome's approach to Tab Groups over the previous Panorama feature, but that could just be because I've gotten used to a learnt how to use it.

Please let us know if there's any progress!