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Strollin' around
Status: In development

I'm personally a heavy tab user but have always wondered why there is almost no support for tab grouping or customization in the native tab bar in Firefox.

I think making it able to group like Google Chrome does for example or at least giving more access for extensions and add-ons would significantly improve the UI in that regard.

New member

Y'all. C'mon.

Are you up against a patent or something?

Get those tab groups into Firefox.

Strollin' around
  • Grouping of tabs.
  • Naming of said grouping.
  • Ability to color-code the tabs.

Please. It's literally all I ask for.

New member

The fact that this is not yet implemented is honestly one of my greatest daily annoyance with Firefox

New member

Has there been any official response to this?

If we're coming up on two years without official comment on when to expect it, shouldn't we start assuming that it's a feature that's being silently passed on?

With everything that Google is trying to do to force market control, I would love to have Firefox to turn to, but can't keep holding onto hope for something that's okay with ignoring the community's feature requests.

New member

Please implement this!!!! I'm almost returning to edge and i don't want to do that 😞

New member

Please add tab groups

New member

This has been the top idea on the site for what? nearly 2 years at this point and still nothing? not even a "we are working on it" or a "no we wont add it"? At least say something mozilla.

New member

Chrome style tab groups are a feature that is sorely missed in Firefox. I've tried Simple Tab Groups and some other extensions and I find them very cumbersome and impractical. I just switched back to Firefox after 10+ years of using Chrome exclusively. I'm generally very happy with my decision, but the inability to organize tabs into groups and seamlessly collapse and expand them in the tab bar (not hidden away in some tacked-on piece of UI that breaks my workflow) is a daily grievance.

New member

I'am a Chrome user but i want to switch do Firefox, but i simple can't do it until Mozilla adds a similar feature like group tabs to Firefox.

I normally have dozens of tabs open at the same time, and without groups it would be a completly mess.

New member

Iam a Chrome user and i want to switch do Firefox, but i can't do it until Mozilla adds a similar feature like Tab Groups to Firefox.

I normally have dozens of tabs open at the same time and it would be a completely mess without groups.

New member

Hello please Mozilla Team make it happen for the next update.

We all need this, want to switch back to Firefox but same than the others above me.

Strollin' around

C'mon, if you want to stay competitive in the browser's world, tab group is mandatory as the oxygen we breath!

New member

Same here! Or a reasonable lightweight add-on that would do it.

Wonder why it's all quiet from the developers around this.

New member

Need tab grouping, when you start implementing it don't forget phone versions do it both at same time.

New member

Group tabs by websites and remove tabs from one window to a new one

It would be good to be able to group tabs by website source. The function to move tabs from one window to a new window would also be very useful