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Strollin' around
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I'm personally a heavy tab user but have always wondered why there is almost no support for tab grouping or customization in the native tab bar in Firefox.

I think making it able to group like Google Chrome does for example or at least giving more access for extensions and add-ons would significantly improve the UI in that regard.

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Strollin' around

Yes, please! Firefox pioneered browser tabs and is now left behind by all other major browsers, as the screenshots in the original post demonstrate 😞

I'm currently using different windows as tab groups and it's a very messy workaround. I don't like Simple Tab Group's UI — and the reports of bugs making people lose all of their tabs (just look at the reviews in AMO) makes me afraid to even try it.

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@dserodioHi, I just want to let you know that I've been using Simple Tab Groups (STG) for years and I've rarely lost tabs. Also, STG has a function that automatically makes back-ups every day (or even every couple of minutes, if you want). So you can restore your previous groups of tabs at any moment, if things go wrong.

The user experience takes some getting used to, but I find it works pretty decently. There are keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch between groups, you can search for particular tabs in your tab groups, you can remove groups from working memory to speed up loading your tabs and there is a "Manage groups" view which shows thumbnails or lists of all your opened tabs. It is also possible to automatically cluster container tabs within a dedicated group.

That being said, I would love that Firefox introduces its own implementation of Tab Groups, so that add-ons like STG can use the grouping-API to further improve their experience, and to allow for things like grouping by dragging (I like the implementation in Chrome).

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I completely agree and am in the same boat!

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Criar grupo de abas

Seria ótimo se tivesse como criar grupos de Abas abertas, assim podemos além organizar as abas nomeando os grupo da melhor forma, fica com mais espaços para abertura de novas.

Sou programador e deixo aberto várias abas de diferentes projetos. Os grupo de abas iria ajudar a separar as abas por projetos.

It would be great if there was a way to create groups of open tabs, so we can also organize the tabs by naming the groups in the best way, with more spaces for opening new ones.

I'm a programmer and I keep several tabs of different projects open. Tab groups would help to separate tabs by projects.

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This is the only feature holding me back from using Firefox as a daily browser. I don't mind the somewhat sluggish nature of the browser on Windows (that can be improved using Firefox and it's not a dealbreaker anyways), but how Firefox was so ahead to the game on this and is still stuck on "exploring more" on such a demanded feature now is astounding.

I used Firefox for so long in 2018-21, and the customization options (through user.js and userChrome.css) are something that I still cherish - so the moment Firefox offers this is the day I uninstall Chrome entirely. Just an FYI - saying "you can use STG and Panorama!" is like offering diet soda to a thirsty person stuck in a desert 🙂

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As someone who wants to switch over from Chrome to Firefox permanently, not having the ability to group tabs in Firefox (in the Google Chrome tab style) has been a huge detriment for me. I use the tab-style-grouping in Chrome to make sure that I have a lot of my tabs for different work, school, and shopping things open and available at all times, and having these tabs visible helps me remember that I need to do these things. I did not like the Firefox extensions which try to replicate this behaviour, since I could not get used to the Tree-style grouping, and I really did not like the extension which hides all other groups, since I want the groups to be visible at all times, even if the tab is minimized.

For now, Chrome is still my main browser because of the tabs, as that's one of my most-used features in my browser.

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I have always and will continue to use Firefox but this feature is super handy for peeps like me (I am aware of it because at some of my past jobs I was forced to use other browsers) with a certain neurodivergency that tends to get you distracted by too much going on on your screen.  With the tab groups, tabs unrelated to what you are working on are out of sight and out of mind so you can more easily focus on what you need to be doing without then having to go through the ordeal of reopening them all when you want to access them later.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that you could look at tab grouping as an accessibility feature that would act as an aid for us who have a hard time keeping focused.

Oh and official tab rows support would go hand in hand with the grouping as yet another layer of structure to encourage organization!

Anyway, thanks for keeping up the good fight with Firefox--in a world with so many information black holes, its nice to have one more safe space!

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Agreed, Chome's way of tab grouping is neally good. Something similar from firefox would really be appreciated.

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All the comments seem to be in favor of tab grouping. Hope this feature is at least under consideration