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Status: In development

I'm personally a heavy tab user but have always wondered why there is almost no support for tab grouping or customization in the native tab bar in Firefox.

I think making it able to group like Google Chrome does for example or at least giving more access for extensions and add-ons would significantly improve the UI in that regard.

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The chrome Tab groups are amazing. I am swapping to firefox because of chromes stupid change. The one that messes up with add-ons like Adblock. After being on firefox for a couple of days. I can say that I miss the tab groups that chrome had. It was quick and simple.

Strollin' around

Nothing yet... 😞 Any prediction?

Strollin' around

This is absolutely needed! This feature is making me seriously consider switching to chrome.

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Hello. Please add a grouping of tabs, as in the Google Chrome browser.

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"The chrome solution is a good one (auto-colapse group is amazing for removing visual clutter), but i would prefer if every group would be a container (isolated from the others)."

I think it would be best if there was a option to toggle to isolate it like container.
As I definitely have cases and scenarios for either and it would be insane if we could right click on it or so and then select an option like "Treat as New Container" or "Use Container XYZ".

But also generally being able to bookmark groups or save them for a later reopening would be insane.

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I'm no UX designer, but I had just enough Figma skills 😅 to build a mock-up of what Firefox Tab Groups could look like (and how they could work together with Container Tabs).

I hope the experts at Mozilla can review this, and hopefully, re-use the ideas put forward.
Curious to hear feedback of Mozilla employees and/or the community.

Best regards,


Strollin' around

Chromes tab grouping is a simple one click solution. All of the FF extensions' tab-groping mechanisms are very clucky, and makes browsing and essay writnig into a Where's Walley experience. I wich I could use FF more but I have to switch browser every time I do projects that requires more than 10 tabs.

I hope they copy the Chromium solution or allow extensions to modify the tab bar. Because the situation is very frustrating.

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It is such a useful feature, please consider developing it if possible. I moved over from Edge and this is one thing that I really miss.

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This feature is something Firefox needs. I like the last mockup presented, to be honest.

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Group topics in the same tab

My proposal is that in the fixed tabs section, these can be used to group several tabs on the same theme. For example Social Sites, e-commerce, etc.

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My proposal is that in the fixed tabs section, these can be used to group several tabs on the same theme. For example Social Sites, e-commerce, etc. It happens that sometimes we have several sites on a specific topic and we want to consult it at another time without closing them and I think it would be practical to be able to group them together.

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Предлагаю рассмотреть добавление группировки вкладок.

То есть: есть у меня много однотипных вкладок открытых одновременно которые хотелось группировать к примеру в отдельных вкладках, как папки в windows или что-то вроде этого.

I propose to consider adding a grouping of tabs.

That is: I have a lot of the same type of tabs open at the same time that I wanted to group, for example, in separate tabs, like folders in windows or something like that.

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@Vinci480Do you mean something like what @BelFox Suggested in it's mock-up?

Because I liked it a lot!

Making moves

I've been taking some time to read ideas around here and i was trying to get the last official update from mozilla about this...

And it seems that was @rayf  - to which i thank to for replying (Honestly!!! And i say "Thank you" because i don't think mozilla is getting much attention to it's users lately)

However, i have to agree with @BelFox :

"2023"?!?! What.......?!

Seriously?! You are wasting time creating colorful themes and similar things and on features like this you say you need more time to study them in 2023?!

I want Firefox to do my work, not to play around. I don't care about fancy color themes and fancy propaganda. I want real features that help me and my company doing the work right.

It is amazing the quantity of new things mozilla has rolled out that are absolutely pointless while other features get forgotten.

This kind of attitudes really make me want to leave.

Mozilla's other employers should be doing more like @rayf - communicating with their users - and getting more real features out instead of wasting time with "toys" and things like colorful themes to support whatever they're supporting...

Pardon for my rant, once again!

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This browser has been alive for too long to not have the ability to group tabs as a native feature. Please.