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I have searched for "Mute" related Ideas but have not found one that is the same as my idea. I would love it if all tabs, or windows, that are invoked from a tab that is muted are also muted. Use case: I often open tabs via middle click from a site to other pages on that site all of which may auto play sounds so I mute the starting tab (parent) but the new tabs that are opened from the parent are not automatically muted.

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I would love for this to happen. I have a pinned tab for Apple music that plays via a USB connected DAC/amp/speaker set-up almost continuously through out the day. Even with my settings set to block audio and video from auto playing occasionally there are momentary hiccups in the audio stream anytime I open a new tab that has ads or pop-ups that want to play media (my guess as to the cause). Muting the tab seems to fix it. I try to mute all tabs as soon as they open but whatever it is that causes the glitch is faster than I am, so having it automatically happen would be brilliant. 

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That´s a pretty cool idea, i wanted to post it just a secong ago.