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Status: New idea

I loooooove the Multi-Account Containers extension as an IT-Specialist I'm jumping from customer portals to customer portals. I have about 40 different containers. But the only thing missing that I would love is the ability to re-order the containers. Preferably a sort A->Z button. If I press manage containers now and change the order and then look the order doesn't change. Please please please ❤️

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Great idea, i agree!

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I think this is a brilliant idea mate.

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I have been trying to find this setting for a month now. I have nearly 30 containers and it saves me 10 hours a week (slight exaggeration) so this would save another 5 hours i think (slightly bigger exaggeration). 

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Thank you for this add-on! This is in my opinion one of the "killer features" of Firefox. I also use several containers and would appreciate to manually rearrange the containers that I can chose when I open a new tab.

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I've been looking for this functionality since containers were introduced.  Never understood why the lists under "Select a container to open a new tab" and "Always open this in a container" (and wherever else the container list might be found) do not reflect the changes made under "Manage Containers".  I mean, what is the point of moving them if it changes nothing. Must be some super technical difficulty, or simply an oversight when giving us the ability to manually rearrange the containers under "Manage Containers". 

I also agree that a simple toggle for Sort Ascending or Sort Descending would be nice, short of being able to create Folders or Categories, which could also be very useful. 

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+1 for this feature. 

Toggle for Sort Ascending or Sort Descending would be awesome 


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Please do this xx