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Making moves
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I find it creepy to know that websites that I visit that don't need to know my exact location know for no absolute reason. But I don't trust a single free VPN nowadays, especially after reading most VPNS privacy policy. I know Mozilla has a VPN but it cost money, and its for your whole computer. I just wish Mozilla could make a browser VPN extension for free and leave the computer one to cost money. It would be amazing to know that websites couldn't know my exact location for no reason at all.

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Rather than a monthly subscription, I would love to see a more "on demand" option. I don't need a VPN at home but when I need to work away or go on holiday, I would have no issue paying for Mozilla VPN. I would just need it for a few days or a week maybe. It would be great if there were some more flexible plans and potentially an easy win too.

Making moves

@s1flySomething like these  guys?

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Exactly like that @LatinCanuck! What a great find. If Mozilla VPN had similar payment plan options, it would be super useful and flexible for any user.

@kkim or @Tony-Cinotto might be interested in this, following our recent How do you talk about Privacy & Security? conversation.

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Je donne tous les ans à la fondation mozilla qui est, à priori, une fondation à but non lucratif

Comment expliquer le prix prohibitif de votre vpn qui n'est pas classé dans les meilleurs ?

Good morning I donate every year to the Mozilla Foundation which is, a priori, a non-profit foundation How to explain the prohibitive price of your VPN which is not ranked among the best?

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Offer a lower price, say $3 per month with an annual subscription and perhaps $4 per month with a 6 month trial subscription.  Offer $2 per month for your full meal deal VPN for a 3 year subscription and $2.50 per month for a two year subscription.


Everybody needs help enhancing privacy at a low cost thanks to Joe and his weaponized federal agencies.

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This is great idea I hope mozilla do that there is tons of vpn but too meny dose not work and privacy issue let mozilla be best browser by free vpn of course too meny will pay a cost to that.

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make a free vpn for firefox then many people choose firefox for free vpn

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Making moves

No one will quarrel with special services and states; in Russia, Firefox has already restricted downloading the VPN extension, because the state demanded it; soon there will be only one way out - to set up open-vpn with your own server



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If you'd like to test
Removing Tor Browser from your system is simple

I am of French nationality and my place of residence is France
Take a look at

By way of iilustration


Conformément aux droits de diffusion, le contenu sélectionné n’est pas offert dans votre pays.

I stopped Tor and How to Specify a Back Country in the Tor Browser

As an experiment (to see if) I added to the torrc file

EntryNodes {ca} StrictNodes 1
ExitNodes {ca} StrictNodes 1

I started Tor
Result, video playback possible