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Introduce "Mozilla Pay", a universal, single-click payment solution that seamlessly integrates with existing payment systems. This feature, which can be incorporated into any browser, simplifies payments for online content, covering both subscription-based services and individual website payments. Additionally, it supports Mozilla's ongoing development through a transaction fee component.


  1. Interoperability with Existing Payment Systems: Mozilla Pay can connect to a wide range of existing payment solutions, including credit cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and more. This enables users to choose their preferred payment method for even greater convenience.

  2. Subscription-Based Services: Users can opt for a monthly Mozilla Pay service. This subscription allows them to access and pay for content across various websites with a single click.

  3. Individual Website Payments: Users also have the option to support individual websites directly. Payments can be one-time or recurring, depending on the user's preference and the website's payment model.

  4. Transaction Fee for Mozilla Development: A small percentage of each transaction made through Mozilla Pay will be allocated as a fee. These funds will be directed towards supporting the ongoing development and maintenance of Mozilla and its various initiatives.

Universal Applicability:

The aim is for Mozilla Pay to become a universal standard across all internet browsers. This would require collaboration with other browser developers, content creators, website owners, and standard-setting organizations.


Mozilla Pay would provide a clear, privacy-respecting, and flexible revenue model for content creators and website owners. Users who pay for content, either through a subscription or individual payments, can enjoy an ad-free and non-intrusive browsing experience. The transaction fee component would help sustain Mozilla's development, promoting a healthier, more user-friendly internet ecosystem.


The realization of Mozilla Pay as a universal internet standard necessitates cooperation from a wide range of stakeholders, including other browser developers, content creators, website owners, and standard-setting organizations. Mozilla would lead the initiative, develop an easy-to-use interface for the payment system, and advocate for its widespread adoption.

By connecting with existing payment solutions and providing a flexible, user-supported model for content monetization, Mozilla Pay can revolutionize the way internet content is paid for, benefiting users, content creators, publishers, and the Mozilla project itself.

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yes please, this would be 🔥

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It would be an idea if Mozilla also made it so that you could use Mozilla pay (if it becomes a thing) to make NFC payments on Android and possibly Linux OSs (like Ubuntu Touch), like how you can with Google pay/Samsung Wallet

Making moves

Cool idea!