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I have a Surface Duo 2, I would love to see Firefox support two screened devices and be able to either have a single tab span both screens or to have two tabs side by side in one. I can accomplish this by using multiple browsers now, but would of course prefer to keep my browsing in just Firefox.

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More info for the developers here: 

"Dual-screen libraries

Take advantage of our developer and designer resources at including the library of dual-screen layouts that includes: FolableLayout, Snackbar, BottomNavigation, FoldableNavigation, and the latest NavigationRail component.

To see the user experiences possible on foldable devices, download the Dual Screen Experience Example from Google Play (or get the source). "

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This would be a great addition. To approximate this I have to have two versions of Firefox (Stable and Beta) installed on my Surface Duo.

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It would absolutely be a benefit for other foldables and tablets too.

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This feature has been in Edge since Android 11.

Chrome now also has this feature on Android 12.

Firefox is now the only main browser that doesn't support it - it's a deal breaker for dual screen/folding phones - I don't wanna use Edge.

The feature is specifically "open in other window" - which then opens a new instance on the second screen.