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Making moves
Status: New idea

Most of us know Mozilla for their Firefox Web Browser and maybe for their email client called Thunderbird. But Mozilla has also released other services that complement Firefox really well. We already know Mozilla VPN powered by Mullad and Pocket to save web articles. And I personally miss  FIrefox Send, and Firefox Notes that were discontinued. However, I still believe that Mozilla should bet everything on the Cloud and become profitable through a new subscription-based service called:

Mozilla Cloud

Mozilla should build a suite of applications similar to Google Worskpace of Microsoft 365, but powered by Open Source Projects, because we don't need to reinvent the wheel. Another company called Purism already has 3 of the services I'm mentioning below plus their own VPN Service. And they are using the same open source projects that I believe Mozilla could also take advantage of. Purism's service is called Librem One.

Here are the possible services I'm refering to:

Mozilla is already a brand users trust thanks to their privacy and security policies. Therefore, many users will trust Mozilla with their precious data in a heartbeat. I am one of those because I can't wait to move away from Google.

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OnlyOffice only support editing document on the desktop. Mobile editing requires a license 😕

The idea is nice but Mozilla Text would overlap the current Matrix server for example. A Nextcloud instance requires quite a lot of juice. If all is fully manage, they would probably tune down the capabilities of NextCloud too. I wonder what type of pricing this would require. Also which server/location would be available.

I would probably only pay for emails as I self host everything else on this list. I find myself switching email providers often trying them and all and the "Pro" offering is either very pricey while the free plan is very limiting, or the service is laggy hence I don't trust the "Pro" plan the provide offer.

Making moves

The /e/ foundation is now offering cloud services powered by NextCloud, Email powered by RainLoop, and Document editing powered by OnlyOffice. This solution is very similar to my idea. I don't see why a bigger organization like Mozilla is not capable of pulling something like this.

New member

I have used Mozilla from its very start. It obviously has staying power unlike the vast majority of tech companies. For something like email archiving and other storage I would trust Mozilla and pay for the service. My biggest day to day problem is not being able to sync email archives across platforms -- laptop and phone. Seems mozilla cloud would solve that problem.

Strollin' around

I support web storage. I was thinking more along the lines of add-ons being able to sync data/files across multiple devices. Cheap paid cloud storage, like $2/500mb would be a great starting point for people who just want Consistency Across their Multiple Devices in regards to add-ons and possibly backing up pref/sets to the cloud. I also did see another idea of being able to send files across devices.