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Making moves
Status: New idea

Right now, Firefox customization outside of using legacy CSS feels a bit like a chore. It's split up into several different pages.

Add-ons Extensions being bundled with themes in a separate page is really confusing outside of the context of both coming from

I think that there should be a dedicated settings section in Firefox for browser appearance, just like in Chrome, Edge, and Vivaldi (which even has a dedicated themes section to go alongside it).


Some things that could be in the section:

- All the existing Firefox Home settings

- Themes

- Light/Dark theme preference for websites

- A shortcut to customizing the toolbar and showing bookmarks

It just seems redundant to have a whole section dedicated to Firefox home. Especially some users may not even use Firefox home in favor of an add-on. Or just want to change the theme of the browser (And settings seems like the first logical place to look for that). 

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