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Making moves
Status: In development


In Firefox, hovering over a tab gives only the tab title. It would be nice to see more detail, eg the URL/domain name (like Chrome and Edge do):


But what would be even better is a tab preview! Vivaldi does both URL and preview:



Making moves

See contents of tab that mouse is hovering over

I think that it will be useful if you could preview the contents of a tab in Firefox by moving your mouse over it

Community Manager
Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)


Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Good news – we are working to implement this feature, stay tuned 🙂

Status changed to: In development
Community Manager
Community Manager

As @mbruk shared, we are currently working on this feature. Feel free to keep the conversation going and stay tuned for more updates 🙌

Strollin' around

Absence of this feature makes it very difficult to alleviate concerns of people that approach me for recommendation of a browser only to find out that there's no scoping of permissions of extensions in Firefox to speak of.

I know that this has been tied into the Manifest V3 implementation, but that seems ages away whilst this very feature has been available in other browsers for years now.

Help us help others to move away from *other browsers* by giving them less reasons to worry about, please!

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The original version of MS Edge had tab preview and it was a feature that I enjoyed a lot on my W10 tablet. Would be great to see in Firefox.


Hi everyone! My name is Nicole, and I am part of the Firefox Desktop Essentials Product Management Team.
I have some exciting news to share with the community today - tab hover preview is coming...SOON! 🙂
Thanks to a lot of hard work from engineering, product, and UX and QA teams, you will start to see Tab Hover Preview within the next couple of releases (I'm going to stay vague about the exact release as we're still in QA and have yet to execute the rollout process).
I will pop in and update as soon as I have a more concrete idea of the release date, but in the mean time, I wanted to thank the community for their suggestions around this feature and your patience with us as we work to get it just right for you.
#tabhoverpreview #amazingcommunity #firefox #ourusersarethebest

Strollin' around

The tab previews caused me havoc with sites re-directing to their home page when chrome restarts...  I'd prefer this to be an option that I have to actively enable in settings...

I agree regarding the extra info though..