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Status: New idea

Dear Mozilla Team,

with your version 100 you introduced a feature to show a modal dialog right at the start whenever Firefox is started with a profile, which has never been run with version 100.

There was no way of getting rid of this modal dialog without interacting with the dialog itself.
Normal browser functions, such as "new tab" and even closing the window didn't work (OS: Windows).

As I use multiple profiles on multiple computers I saw this nag screen multiple times and was very annoyed.

This kind of behaviour is, I think, called a dark pattern in UI design.
Back in the days we had popup windows which we couldn't close - this is the same!

And now I saw this behaviour again (after starting a fresh profile) where you introduced a "Total Cookie Protection-Feature"

So, i assume, that you want to use that "modal nag screen dialog"-feature more often.
Please get rid of this behaviour and display your nag screens in a new tab like you previously did with e.g. "What's new?" pages in a tab.

Thank you

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