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With the ability to move tabs currently in nightly it would also be nice to be able to group tabs the same way chrome does.

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Another one here to say, please implement this asap. I've been using Firefox on Desktop for over a decade and every time I consider finally dropping Chrome on mobile I can't because I need the tab grouping option for my own sanity.

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I switched from Chrome to FF on mobile and had to close my 1400 or so tabs which were neatly grouped by topics just to find out FF does not have any tab grouping. Please. I need it.

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I need this ASAP. Please. Not as a weird addon but as a built in feature.

I just switched from Chrome to FF on mobile and had to close my 1400 or so open tabs that were neatly sorted by topic. And then I found out that FF has no kind of tab grouping, now I got a weird unsorted list of open tabs that is super annoying to scroll through.

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Any news? I'd also love this feature.

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This is the only thing that's stopping me from switching over from Brave. Literally did all of the setup of Firefox on my devices, was doing my Android phone last and found that there aren't tab groups. Put my switch on hold until this feature is implemented.

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This is a huge organizational feature and probably the #1 feature I would want/need to be able to confidently switch from chrome.

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Yet another second to this—the switch from chrome to ff was a bit shocking when mobile groups weren't a thing yet. Please implement soon—I would like to close chrome, but there's some things it just does better in terms of user experience!

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It's almost 2024 and no tabs group. This makes me constantly think about switching from Firefox. Please implement 

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Seriously, why would this ubiquitous feature not exist by default in (almost) 2024!?

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Another person making an account to say this.

We need the grouping. If it's the UI that's the issue, then I just beg you do the easy route and do an accordion. Collections are useful for some things, like saving a point to restart from. They're not useful for me, someone who has about 150 tabs, many of which are stories I'd LOVE to group together.


If nothing else, a workflow of

User realizes they want to connect 20 tabs -> they select all tabs, and move to new collection -> new collection appears looking much like a tab in the list, maybe the most recently opened of those tabs has a preview in that folder, the title is the collection name -> the tabs that were selected close. -> the user sees their tab list, with the collection they just made in the list as one entity -> if they click the collection, it opens the collection's tabs, long press for a menu revealing normal collection options, clicking a tab not in the collection collapses them back into one group


I don't love this suggestion because it would refresh the content of the tabs, but I could handle that. I can't handle "do I want to create a duplicate tab possibly, or do I want to scroll through more than 100 tabs of stories, research, news sites, and social media just to try to find the three recipes I'm cooking tonight "