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With the ability to move tabs currently in nightly it would also be nice to be able to group tabs the same way chrome does.

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This is definitely a feature I live in chrome and need in FF. I have just recently made the move from chrome due to the impending manifest v3 change. Please implement tab groups, I miss it so.

Making moves

I've seen already an "example" of Tab groups: the "Inactive Tabs" group!

In List mode (since it's what I use), Tabs that are deemed inactive are moved to a collapsible , which look a lot like Collections on the home page.

What's interesting is that instead of engineering a new solution for grouping tabs on mobile, Firefox could expand what it is currently doing for Inactive Tabs, by allowing the selection of multiple tabs with a button in "selection view" to "group" them (forming a group while also prompting for a name), just how it would have done automatically if they were inactive, except that it's user controlled!

Expanding this solution also means:

  • Allow selection of Tabs within the group to "ungroup" them (again with a button in selection view)
  • Allow group-wide actions, not just closing Tabs but also bookmarking them and even sharing them.
  • Allow renaming Groups, and possibly even reordering them.

I can't wait to see Tab groups in Mobile, especially since it can easily be made possible! And then, onwards to Desktop Tab groups!

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Desperately want this on both mobile and desktop!

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What's the status of this feature.. will it be implemented?

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Hope it actually gets implemented, i was using Brave as a second browser to Opera and the tab grouping on it was *chef's kiss* but it stopped working for some reason after i updated the app on the 1st of October, the whole tab system actually glitched, it doesn't show visual for the tabs at all now is just the tab page text, don't know it's a issue on my phone or their version, but if it get fixed i will come back to it or keep using Firefox.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Rik this is a popular request and something our product teams are reviewing for both mobile and desktop. Here is the idea/thread for desktop: Native Tab Grouping / More Customizable Tab bar 

Feel free to vote and join the conversation. We'll provide updates as soon as we can 🙌

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Grouping tabs

implement a tab groupings method that's similar to chrome's on Android. Being able to name groups of tabs is nice on firefox but being able to drag and drop tabs into each other to make groups is much nicer and easier to use. Those grouped tabs would be able to be seen and quickly opened through the tabs button 

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Interesting to note of that Firefox already has a somewhat similar feature, "collections". Which allows tabs to be grouped together into a named "collection" which then shows on the new tab screen. But, these collections don't show on the tab management pull-up menu. So, this feature is only really useful for saving some set of tabs, for later use. It's not able to be used to actively manage tabs that you are currently browsing. for example if you want to have one group for shopping, and one group for looking at recipes, they will be mixed together. On desktop you can just open a second window. But on mobile you can't, so it becomes harder to manage them. And the connections feature is insufficient for this use case because it doesn't help when you want to be actively switching between tabs. I hope that this feature can be given high priority, as it will considerably improve usability for the mobile app.

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Please add this feature asap, it's really frustrating using FF without grouping tabs


Strollin' around

I agree with @Rik . This is a must for Desktop and for Mobile.

Let me, by the way, get some frustration out of my mind @Jon :

I understand that probably no one at mozilla right now is responsible for past decisions but... Lets face it: Mozilla got lured by google into that cross-browser extensions platform "thing" that google came up with (as a way to gain control over addon development, iyam).

Firefox needed a refresh all those years ago, yes. But our extension system was far more powerful... so powerful that we had tab group addons even before chrome came up.
Our addon system could have evolved in other paths...

Now they dictate the rules and we play catch (unless we do what was done with Manifest V.3).

Sorry for my rant, but it's frustrating to see a project i like so much being used so little.

So, please, get tab groups working on mobile and, specially, on desktop 🙂