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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

TB should offer three menu options for each file:

(a) Open as tab (aka Preview)

(b) Open in external app

(c) Save As...

with one of them being set in Settings as the default by the users. It's a very simple enhancement really, and an established way of doing things.

If TB can't do (a) for certain file types, it should only offer (b) and (c). 

At the moment we are forced to choose one of these or 'Always Ask' per file type in Settings and our choice applies to all files of that type. If I must choose, I have to go with opening all files (eg PDFs) in my external app and miss out on TB's quick preview feature which I would use in most cases. Alternatively, I can save the PDF and open it from the file manager, but that's too many unnecessary clicks.

TB v115

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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Familiar face

Are you sure you want this preview given Thunderbird will be limited to image files in a few formats, plain text and PDF files.  There will be no OpenOffice/LibeOffice file, no Microsoft Office files and no native apple images as they are video and use proprietary codecs that are simply not installed on Windows or Linux

As for save and open,  I really think they are already on the right click menu for attachments as are a couple of other options you do not mention. (The image is taken from Thunderbird 115.5,  but I do not recall the options changing much for years.)



Strollin' around

To clarify, I didn't mean (c) was missing. It's there. And if TB cannot preview a file type it would just offer (b), as it does now. 

I just meant that there should also be both (a) and (b) for file types that TB can preview (eg PDF). We shouldn't be forced to preview PDFs in TB.

Familiar face

"We shouldn't be forced to preview PDFs in TB."  we are not now,  you get to view PDF files in a tab by default.  By changing the default handler in settings (I choose to use Adobe reader) all my PDF files open in Adobe.

You can set Thunderbird to show attachments in understands at the end of a message.

Then use the config editor in settings to change the following to true if they are not already.

mail.inline_attachments.text to true
mail.inline_attachments to true

The first displays text attachments, including HTML.  It might mess up message display,  that is why HTML is not enabled by default.  Image will appear as a collection of images at the end of the email.



Strollin' around

What I am suggesting is that we could be given the option per message. There are times I am happy with a file (image, html, pdf etc) opening in TB by default. There are times I want a specific file to open externally -- eg because I want the extra functionality of a dedicated application.