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Hi. I love my Thunderbird email desktop client but at the same time I find it clunky and difficult at times. The calendar in particular could do with improvement. Please consider adding value to the way appointments and dates are presented in calendar. I would like to see the ability to colour the whole cell (specific day) when a task is entered, as opposed to just a tiny little coloured line at the side of a specific entry. For big occasions I want that date to stand out. The whole calendar needs to the ability to add more colour. Even the way the current day is "highlighted" is inadequate in my opinion. It just doesn't stand out. Also the way of setting a date range is cumbersome. Clicking and dragging the range with a mouse and extending the date range dynamically would be much easier than the current method. I'm hoping you can consider these changes. Cheers.

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This issue here is different than

I would like to add that "scrolling" with the mouse wheel is not handled well (at least on Linux). If there are multiple events in one day, scrolling in that field scrolls through the events. But if there are only a few events, scrolling takes me a few months back or forth in time. Maybe use different shortcuts here? Alt+Scoll to scroll weeks, Ctrl+Scroll to scroll months?

Strollin' around

I fully feel the same. Compared to outlook the calendar just feels "clunky" and uncomforatble. The current day and time are easily to overlook, in the week-view. E.g. in Outlook the basic calendar grid and and hour labels have way lighter colors, giving more focus to actual appointments. Also there is a dashed line across the entire calendar week, not just a tiny red bar on the current day. The popup reminders for appointments get the job done, but have an appearance like they haven't been updated in years. Creating new events also feels somewhat uncomfortable and when inviting other people through Outlook it always feels like a gamble, whether they are actually receiving a notification, so I moved over to the setting up such events only via the native Outlook web interface.

Now I know, there is already another idea asking for native Exchange integration. The point I'm trying to make here (and I think that's also what the original author had in mind), is that the calendar's user experience has quite some space for improvement...

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I'd like to add: It would be nice, if "tentative" or "free" appointments were treated less important than "confirmed" or "busy" appointsment, i.e. by moving the former (currently transluscent when "tentative", which is nice) in the background. This also leads to less event stacking vertically, when we can stack them (a bit) on top of each other. Same goes for events that happen while another event is happening (i.e. starts later), these could show in front of the other (earlier) event. Long story short: stacking exclusively vertically limits the ability to gain an overview. Much love for TB, though!