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The Library is a neglected part of Firefox that very clearly combines decades-old technology with new design specs and icons. Unfortunately, it therefore looks like a frankensteined-together part of Firefox that could really, really use a facelift because it catches you by surprise with its window-based nature when you try to manage your history or bookmarks.

This vital piece of Firefox should be rewritten to be part of a tab, like every other part of Firefox. Modernize it! 🙂

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Hi, could you redesign the bookmarks page?, the most and main options in the current Firefox open in a new tab instead in a new window like the older Firefox versions, i think in terms of design the old bookmarks manager is inconsistent with the rest of Firefox, the bookmarks manager should be open in a new tab, the icons shold be bigger, in accordance with the rest of the Firefox design, buttons and icons are larger, being more friendly for touch devices and you could add an option to find and locate duplicate bookmarks.

I know this is a lot of work, but i believe that all corners of Firefox should feel the same.

Thanks for listening me. Regards.

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I agree, the separate window for History should be replaced with a webpage in a Tab like settings.

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It would also be interesting if the library could be accessed from the side panel. So, you wouldn't need to leave the current tab to see your downloads, for example.

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Good idea! There was an extension that allowed this (pre-proton), but I forgot the name. I really miss tabbed library

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(Note: a similar idea was merged into this thread)

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For those of us coming from Chrome as the changes to chromium are happening, this would make the transition smoother.

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To open the Library popup window into a Tab, type chrome://browser/content/places/places.xhtml and hit Enter. This xhtml document can be further customised, with a userContent.css file.

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I could get onboard with this, however whenever I have two separate windows open and i close them, only the last window closed reopens when I reopen firefox if a tab is modified (opened/closed) in that last window before closing the window. Currently the separate library window avoids this issue, but I see potential issues if one wants to have the library in a separate window (as a single tab).

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Library in a Tab worked fine until recently...  but it broke on update for v118

See Option B
Option A didn't work before or now.  (extension not there any more)

I put in a Bug report at Bugzilla about it..