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My folder structure is a little byzantine but usually gets no deeper than three levels.

One thing that happens far more likely than I would like it is that sometimes I can inadvertently move a folder and drop it under another folder without noticing it. This leads to much fear and loathing until I find the missing folder in its new location.

Might it be possible to add a simple "Do you want to move xxx to yyy? Y/N" dialog to prevent this from happening?



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Which folder are you referring to?

Strollin' around

Or a "lock folders" option. That would be cool. Option off, drag folders all you like. Option on, folders undragable. 

Btw, I'm assuming you're talking about Thunderbird here? Or do you mean the folders from your Firefox bookmarks?

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i agree with KD1SQ.  i have a column of folders and occasionally move a folder into another.  i have gone crazy thinking i deleted it.  i tend to be an organizer and have folders listed under "my favorites" (i.e.: 'Finance' with bank, mortgage, loan folders, 'Shopping' with grocery stores, vitamin store, online sites, etc).  well, many folders at any rate.  i would prefer to have a "lock" on the main heading so that if my cursor grabs a folder, it doesn't move it where i don't find it right away.  so, either a 'lock' or query as to whether it should be moved would be wonderful!!  thanks.

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Yes, lock the folders by means of a Y/N dialog, or with a general lock to all the folders (obviously with an 'unlock' feature.