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Making moves
Status: New idea

These days everything is done using variables for colours. It's almost impossible to determine the current colour anymore let alone what the colour even is when you find it. For some reason everything has been changed to RGB values and no hex value is provided. There isn't even a colour circle where these RGB colours are shown.

If I inspect an element I can go to computed, but the wrong background colour is always given, such as #000 of #fff. Attempting to select parent or child divs to get a more accurate value is usually a failure too as no values or incorrect values are given.

Sometimes the correct value is given, but I have to take the RGB values over to to find out what the colour is in hex and what it looks like. It's very frustrating and unhelpful.

To add to the problems there is a setting called "Default colour unit". When set to "Hex" the colours are still shown in RGB as shown in screenshot.

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@BeginAgain Hi, you can change the default color unit by Shift+Click (ing) on the colored circle (just clicking on it opens the color picker).

Does it help?