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Title, basically. This would not only be a quality of life feature, but in my case a security feature as well. I use FoxyProxy for certain domains, but if those domains are opened within another app using Firefox webview, then whoops! You visited the site without your proxy on.

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I have one of the latest Macbook Pros.  Since getting the last two Firefox updates, I can't run YouTube without it freezing.  The last update made it much worse in terms of frequency.  Also, I can't complete a search term without it going to the address bar before I've even finished and there's some kind of auto-complete that gives me a search term I have no interest in.  In addition, all the pages tend to freeze, though not as nonstop as with YouTube.

Fortunately none of these problems exist when I use Safari.  I don't know what the problem is, because the Forums offer no help at all, so I'm going to switch over to Safari, though I don't want to go through having to get used to a different search engine.  I will check Firefox periodically to see if these bugs get fixed, but as far as I can tell, these updates were not ready for prime time at all.  They're just too buggy.  Who needs this?