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Wouldn't it be great to have our passwords and main password safely exported and stored on cheap (or expensive) simple USB sticks, instead of on the computer. Much more simple and cheaper than the complicated and expensive Yubykeys? A simple, accessible and affordable safety feature.

(I now have a simple Libre Office Base list of all my passwords, encrypted on my desktop. Decrypt, copy, paste. Could be on a USB stick too, instead of on the desktop.)

I guess it's not a complicated function to add to Firefox for those great programmers at Mozilla.

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Making moves

You could get something similar to this by using a password manager app that (a) allows storage to a USB drive, and (b) provides a Firefox browser extension to retrieve and auto-fill passwords.

KeePassXC is one option for that.

New member

I had a look at KeePassXC. Many negative evaluations. And Firefox doesn't guarantee it's safety. Looks also a bit complicated for the average user. I still would prefer Firefox's main password manager being equipped with easily accessible external storage of an encrypted password file on a USB stick.