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There are various indicators of email progress that show at different times...sometimes nothing shows.

There may be a blue progress bar on the bottom-right of the screen.  It is just blue..does not increment in segments or show the state of an email 'get' process.  Sometimes NOTHING shows, but a click on 'get messages' will show a window saying, 'The account xxx@xxx is being processed. Please wait until processing is complete to get messages.'  Sometimes the blue bar will disappear with a 'null' displayed at the bottom-left of the screen. 

None of that is useful

The suggestion part:  Please make this work better.  There should be clear and visible (and meaningful) evidence of the current status of an email check.  After clicking 'get messages', a user should plainly see the entire process...getting, retrieving, progress by %, and number of messages.  Yes, some of those parameters 'report' to the bottom tray...but only sometimes.

I do not recall this being anything new.  Indeed, I do NOT recall that any 'check mail' sequence has ever been consistently and meaningfully visible.  That 'not working' part has been true on multiple devices, multiple TB versions, and for years.







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Indeed, the "Progress indicators" are not useful at all.
However, Thunderbird 102.x (64bit) "fetches" e-mail so fast (taking less than a second) that no indicator is needed.
Already, I think that the "progress indicators" feature is the code could be removed.