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Status: New idea

Hi, I am an enthusiastic macOS user and I would love to see Firefox integrating the "Share" button just like other macOS apps do.

Pretty much like Safari does, it lets you open the "Share..." OS sheet from a tab bar button. Especially useful to AirDrop the current open site to your other Apple devices. (See attached example)

It would be a great feature to make Firefox a first-class macOS ecosystem citizen.





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Hi @maggix,

The share menu is already implemented, but is a bit hidden. If you right click on a tab there is a menu item for 'Share'. This menu is also accessable via 'File' in the menubar.

Screenshot 2022-04-06 at 07.08.22.png

In previous versions there was a dedicated button, as there is in Safari. But I believe it was removed some versions ago with the UI refresh. Firefox doesn't suggest specific contacts based on previous usage, like Safari and other applications do.

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Cool! Thanks!

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I would like the option to add a share icon.  It would make it easier to migrate Mac users to Firefox.