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How about reversing the list order (or giving the option to choose the order) for easier closing?

The order in which tabs are listed now goes from left to right. And, in the tab bar, tabs to the left are usually older, tabs to the right are newer. So, you get newer tabs in the bottom of the list.

If it was the other way around (if newer ("righty") tabs were on the top of the list), then you could fast click "x" in the list (without moving the mouse) to close the older ("lefty") tabs till some newer position you want.


This idea is similar to the one titled "Sort "List of Tabs", by access time", but the difference is I suggest just only reversing the left-right ascending in the list. So that the general order remains the same as in the tab bar. Cause, sometimes there are newer tabs somewhere on the left, but still they are most probably associated with the older topic you want to mass-close.

This feature partly would do the same that Close to the left does, but it would allow you to stop and keep some lefty tabs and it would require fewer clicks and be more intuitive.

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