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Familiar face
Status: New idea

Currently, if a page decides to open link in a new tab, when a tab is opened, address bar doesn't have an address, and the tab itself shows the loading animation and says "new tab". (reproduce with any search engine with "open in a new tab" setting on)

If you open a link in a new tab using context menu, this doesn't happen and the address is filled correctly.

I feel like this shouldn't be like that:

  1. if a website decides to take you somewhere - you won't know where until the website starts to load
  2. if a page doesn't load -  you will see an address only when browser gives up. But until then, you have no control - you can't change/fix the url, you can't see what it is, and you can't stop loading to retry it, because you'll get "about:blank" instead of actual address

Btw, something similar happens with DevTools - I've been in situations where I wanted to see what's being sent, but wasn't able to see the payload till the request failed, but I think there already is an idea/discussion/bug about that

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