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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

I often use the Firefox screenshot tool, but I always forget that I can take a photo only from the content window.

I would like to have an option, where I can capture the entire Firefox/screen window, including the inspector and toolbar.

Because I do not have this option (or I do not know a workaround) I always have to use an external screen capture tool....

Of course, I can always use an external screen capture tool, but it would be great if there is such an option in the Firefox itself.


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I would love to see this in a new Firefox update.


Status changed to: New idea
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Strollin' around

Sorry, I fail to see the need for Firefox to go into 'screenshot' territory.

For full, or window, or selectable area screenshots I'm sure all operating systems have it covered already.

Flameshot or Spectacle got this for me.

Firefox screenshot is actually just a webpage snapshotter.

Maybe the name should be changed.

Strollin' around

'Screenshot' is covered by the operating system. Flameshot/Spectacle have it all covered for me.

Firefox might consider renaming 'Screenshot' - because this is misleading.

Maybe rename it 'Webshot' or something else to make it a little more accurate.


My knee-jerk reaction is the same - all the major OSes now include screenshot tools by default, and for more detailed/advanced requirements there are good 3rd party applications. It doesn't make sense for Firefox to try to compete with those. However, I don't think there are insurmountable technical reasons why we couldn't screenshot a browser window if there was a strong need to do so. Maybe its sometimes important to capture the URL bar alongside the content document to more easily attribute the screenshot for example?