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New member
Status: New idea

Is it possible to add more options to rearrange icons in tollbar? Or at least have the option to "mirror" the interface moving settings and toolbar in the left part of the screen?

I'm left-handed user and if want to switch between tabs, I can't reach the "tab" icon in the tollbar. Unfortunately as majority of the user base is right-handed most of the application UIs are oriented in the right direction. Including FF. 

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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Making moves

Increasing accessibility on Firefox Mobile would be extremely helpful in setting it apart from other Browsers. A left-hand mode is also a great idea in its own right!

New member

I've tried Samsung Internet mobile browser. And I'm astonished. Full customisation of the menu. I really expect FF to beat that.

New member

I'm right handed but use my left hand to hold and use my phone. It's a pity that I can not mirror the tab bar on phones with larger screens as it is hindering me accessing tabs. Please add the feature!

Strollin' around

This (or being able to customize the bar) would be a good basic accessibility feature since it would also help when your right hand is injured or if (like me) you have hand/joint pain and need to switch up how you hold your phone.