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IMAP is awesome, but has some rough edges around things like IDLE being only able to monitor one folder per connection.  This means users may get an inconsistent experience depending on the number of folders they have, with emails arriving in some showing up immediately, while others have to wait until the regular "check for new messages" check. 

JMAP (for example) removes these problems, and for mobile applications, provide a better experience.

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Cleaner, simpler.  Maybe faster.  Yes, please.

Making moves

This looks like a good option however there is little mainstream server-side support for this protocol which means there is not much for TBird to work with. Chicken and egg ... And although Cyrus is one of my favourite mail servers, it's not really mainstream. Let's see if there is movement on the  server side of the next couple of years.

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In fact, there is also a 7 year old bugzilla bug for this one:

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Fastmail ( is a commercial email provider and supports JMAP.

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IIRC, Fastmail has been heavily involved in getting JMAP standardized:

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There's a new mail server with native support for JMAP:

There's also JMAP proxy which provides interface on top of IMAP and SMTP servers, but it seems mostly abandoned:

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I would love to see this in Thunderbird and I'd happily put a bounty on it, but it doesn't look like such a thing exists. I found but all issues are at least 10 years old, so I don't think it's relevant anymore. Anyway, I'll donate 50€ should this be implemented! (btw, please make a bounty system)

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Not a server software issue,  but what mainstream mail provider is providing JMAP at this time?

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@MattAuSupportthis is definitely a chicken-and-egg situation, though. Without client support, why would more mail providers support it? What is Mozilla's purpose if not to move the world towards open standards?

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As a FOSS dev that is innovating on web tech and end user, as well as a donator, I support this as well.

We really need to push to get modern mail systems.

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I'd like this too!