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Status: New idea

I understand that JavaScript is now enabled by default in the Firefox for Android browser.  Could we please have an accessible settings switch to turn JavaScript on and off?

Whilst I also understand there are add-ons for the Android version of Firefox that can, amongst other things, apparently switch JavaScript on or off, why is there no dedicated built-in switch in the browser to do this?

Mozilla have already deemed it appropriate to have such a switch in the Firefox Focus for Android browser (Settings > Privacy & Security > Web Content  > Block JavaScript), so what is the reason for not including it within the obviously more mainstream browser that is Firefox for Android?  It makes absolutely no sense not to have it, surely?

As a suggestion, a good place to include a JavaScript switch might be in the 'Site permissions' section of Firefox for Android settings.  And merely by way of example, there is a JavaScript switch embodied within the rather useful competitor Android browser from Vivaldi, which has it's JavaScript switch located here: Settings > WEB PAGES > Site settings > JavaScript

So if it already exists within Firefox Focus for Android, shouldn't there also be a JavaScript switch within Firefox for Android?  Mozilla has acknowledged and implemented the switch in one Android  browser, and if that Androjd coding already exists, surely it would be an easy and very useful addition to Firefox for Android?  How about it, Mozilla?

Status changed to: New idea
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Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

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Firefox had javascript toggle and also a print to pdf functionality.

Today I wanted to turn off javascript and it's gone. Sigh...

Why remove already implemented functionality.

We use them. Please, do not remove anything new I like to use this browser but downgrades like this hurts your userbase. Please, do not continue to decline any further.

Thank you for everything, bring back javascript toggle if possible, print to pdf and all deprecated functionality that people already asked to give us back.

Fennec still has about:config so does ice raven. Well, they both have no javascript toggle... I guess it's removed from the mozilla code for some time now... It's funny how only when I need a functionality that I see it was removed ages ago...

Have a nice day!

New member

Cromite has following options, which Firefox Android is lacking. If you want users at least have all those options natively.

AdblockPlus with any filter URL.


Ability to block Cookies and JavaScript, per-site.