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Making moves
Status: New idea

The pricing options Mozilla lists are good general options for most users, but I would prefer if there were more options. Specifically, cheaper options that reduced the amount of devices you could use it on to one or two devices.

Additionally, I think running some discounts would be a good idea and is very popular with other VPN solutions. First month 25% or 50% off to help entice people to try out the service would be beneficial.


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Making moves

I agree with this idea. For people using it a lot the current price isn't too bad but for people with really low and intermittent use it's not interesting at all. Renting your own VPS is less expensive.

One or two data and speed limited versions could have some success.

For example:

- one really limited: something like 100kb/s 20Gb 1 or 2$ monthly.  for people just using text/email services.

- another at half the price of current one with appropriate cap for it to be profitable