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Hello,   It would be useful for the web pages accessed to scroll by themselves. I know that there is already a scrolling option, but it is not automatic in the true sense of the word. I have to press the middle mouse button. The idea refers to a development without my intervention. Let's suppose that I access a news site where most of the news does not interest me. After the page has fully loaded, it should scroll smoothly until the moment I move the mouse, then it should stop because it is possible to click on an interesting news item. If the site is very large, the automatic scrolling must still stop by itself somewhere, and this is an important aspect. Another aspect is that after pressing the arrow to return to the previous page, scrolling should start again from the place where it left off the last time. This function should have an On/Off button in the browser settings.  The type of content can also be taken into account, more images = faster scrolling, more text = slower scrolling. Of course, there could also be a desired speed that each user can select individually, depending on their preferences.  Thanks!

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