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I think that Thunderbird should indicate which folder/inbox/email address has received new messages since last being opened in addition to indicating how many unread messages there are. I had about 8 email addresses which I use for various things, each containing maybe hundreds of unread messages related to various trivial matters, which makes it frustrating to have to click through all my different emails to find which inbox has the unread message. 

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One solution I have found is to enable unified folders and look at the inbox so I can just quickly see the latest emails. 

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@JJJis right.
In addition, there is an extension that makes it easier and more variously to switch between the two:
Folder Pane View Switcher

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You can already fix this problem by yourself:
Rightclick on a folder -> "Properties" -> in the tab "General Information" -> "When getting new messages for this account, always check this folder" has to be ticked/activated to solve this problem. I assume that this option was not activated.

(Unfortunately you have to change this setting manually for every folder ONCE, but then it should be fine forever.)



Have you tried?
View > Folders > Unread Folders

Other for information purposes
Take a look at i've tested userChrome.css