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I like the idea of Firefox View, and I especially like the ease of accessing closed tabs and tabs from other devices, but I can't help but feel it's slightly redundant to have a dedicated page for this when all of these would be welcome as options on the New Tab Page. I would welcome them at least.

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Agreed. The New Tab page would be an ideal location for this functionality (functionality which is pretty useful!).

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Yes the pinned tab is so awkward, incorporate the function into the new tab page and let the user decide if they should be shown or not

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That would be so useful! Everything in one place. So you don't have to click between 2 tabs. Will save a lot of time!

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I agree that New Tab would be a reasonable place for Firefox View, just wanted to add that I don't use neither, and in fact I prefer my New Tab empty (that's the way I use it), so, please, make it optional. ^_^

Kind regards.

Making moves

Absolutely!! I made a brief concept of how it can look, thoughts?



Making moves

Absolutely!! I made a brief concept of how it could look like, thoughts? 🙂

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The address of Firefox View is about:firefoxview

You can already set new window and home to Firefox View using the about:firefoxview address.

Would be great if there was an option to point new tab to this address

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Yes! I like the functionality too and having to click on separate page is annoying. On iOS it’s on the homepage and is super helpful and great feature! Bring this to desktop please!