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Making moves
Status: New idea

Currently the Downloads window/view looks like this:


As you can see, it's not very intuitive. Some suggestions:

  • Implement thumbnails or a preview for images/vids
  • Provide an improved file name for downloads, perhaps including the website name instead of randomstring.jpg (avoid duplicate/useless file names)
  • Embed metadata, eg URL of page the image/vid was downloaded from
  • Allow us to save images (or other stuff) directly (instead of Save As, confirm filename, OK) - I used to use an addon for this but it doesn't work anymore
  • Could include some AI for naming images, eg colours or animals could be "guessed" or identified (I admit this is a bit of a wild suggestion!)
  • Integrate Downloads into a tab instead of separate window (similar/same as my Library ideas)

There's probably other cool suggestions out there too! Cheers

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New member

Downloads quit going to Firefox screen on Mac. They end up with a random name and bad extension on my computer download folder. Dont know which random name is the file I want. Have to change the .part extension. Tried changing Firefox preferences to no avail. This started one or two updates back to Monterey. Please fix this