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On Firefox Android, I've noticed problems on download management:

1. The Downloads page does not display the progress/status of ongoing downloads. It only displays completed downloads.
2. The download progress only displays in the system notification. If the download fails and cleared that notification (either intentional or by accident), the download will be removed/cancelled.

Here's my idea:
Add more information in the Downloads page (much like in Chrome and Edge):
- progress/status of ongoing downloads
- pause/unpause and cancel options
- progress bar or otherwise
- download speed and size downloaded over download file size

Comparison of downloads page of Chrome, Edge and Firefox:

Notice the download notification icon on the top of each browser.Notice the download notification icon on the top of each browser.

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  • So @Jon any updates is it on roadmap and coming soon?
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This is a sorry state of affairs.

Mozilla has been aware of this glaring issue for over a year and still don't do anything about it. No updates , No fixes , No NOTHING.

No wonder Mozilla's market share has tanked so bad. They very well deserve it.

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well, i want to support this idea because the main roblem im having besides not knowing most of the info, the notification that actually shows some info, can be discarded, wich means if i accidentally (or not so accidentally) discard that notificacion then i have no way of knowing if the file is even downloading or not. This idea shouldnt be "reviewed", it should've approved immediatly, but im no boss to say nothing.